Top Digital Marketing Certification Courses To Learn

Top Digital Marketing Certification Courses To Learn

Are you wondering what better best digital marketing certification you would need to have to gain a competitive edge? Below is the complete list and best practices for valuing your expertise.

Digital marketing is a fascinating and ever-changing profession. Experts who wish to stay ahead of the competition must also work hard while taking a visionary approach to all current trends on the digital front. To stay ahead of the competition, there are google digital marketing certifications that reinforce the profile and increase the chance of being hired into organizations.

In simple words, we can say that a digital marketing certification is a job – oriented training that shows the employers our digital marketing skills and talents while going for a job interview. Numerous courses are available in the market nowadays for completing the certification in digital marketing. Such courses might be useful for the students to create, optimize and channelize google campaigns in digital marketing.

Completing google marketing certification courses will showcase all the skills and proficiencies of the users, thereby visualizing them to the visitors.

Disciplines of Digital Marketing

Learners can become successful digital marketers only when they develop an extraordinary understanding of the following digital marketing disciplines:

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization
  • Website analytics
  • PPC or pay – per – click advertising
  • Mobile marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Optimization of web conversion rates and
  • E-Mail marketing and so on.

Pre-requisite – Preparation Required To Begin A Digital Marketing Course

Some of the basic steps to take before starting a course in digital marketing include:

  • In order for a user to access google digital marketing courses, he needs to be signed in to his google account.
  • Then the user needs to create a partner account in Google by clicking the join google partner icon in the website
  • Then the user needs to accept the specified terms and conditions.
  • Then he needs to select the notification acceptance of getting the partner emails.
  • Then now, he can take up the certifications by clicking the certification icon available on the left-hand side.
  • Now he needs to click the icon named ‘see exams’, in order to take up the assessments.

Top Certification Courses Of Digital Marketing

Google analytics course

It is a highly recognized and reputed type of certification available in digital marketing. It is simply described as an IQ or Individual qualification test, which helps the learners to gain all sorts of knowledge related to digital analytics. It is provided by the academy of google analytics and it got established in the year of 2005. The average fee for this certification is approximately around 50 US Dollars. But now, this test is available at free of cost.

Google analytics is a popular and most widely used internet tool. An unique feature here is that if anyone gets a pass in this certification, then his name will be added in the database of Google. The primary use of this certification is that it educates the users about the processes of tracking and reporting website traffic. When an user begins this test in the browser, then he will not be able to pause the test, until it gets completed. It is basically a reattendable test, which means that when an user is not getting a pass at the first attempt, then he can retake the test after a day. The users can retake the test, till they pass. The assessments here normally will take around four to six hours for their completion. The assessments are available at around nineteen different languages including English, Chinese, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese and so on.

Advantages of Google analytics program
  • Cost-free
  • Enables fine-tuning of websites
  • Enables tracking of website locations made by the visitors
  • Enables the identification of clicks made by the visitors.

Google AdWords certification

When a user wants to get expertise in online advertising, then he can opt for this kind of certification. It is being offered by the ads academy of google and it got established in the year of 2000. If a user wants to take an assessment of this certification, then he must have an academy ads account.

Google Adwords, otherwise called Google ads is an online platform designed for the purpose of advertising. Here, a variety of brief ads, video contents, product listings, service offerings, and installation of mobile apps are being displayed by the advertisers, by paying some amount of money. All the services offered by AdWords are done under a pricing model called PPC (Pay – per – click).

Certification of Bing advertisements

The primary use of undertaking this certification program is that the users will be able to optimize and manage the Google campaign of Bing advertisements, upon the completion of this certification. In simple words, it can be described as a program that enhances the skills related to Bing advertisements. This program also offers some membership benefits, additionally with this certification. It is a cost – free assessment, whose total duration is about 90 minutes. The accreditation is valid only for a year and the users need to renew it after a year.

Hubspot certification

It is a kind of inbound certification that is provided to the users by the academy of Hubspot. It is undertaken free of cost and it educates the users about all kinds of inbound sales (marketing) practices. It ensures activities related to online promotions, thereby making the users gain customers, attract audiences and convert marketing leads.

Hootsuite Certification

When a user wants to become a master in the platform of Hootsuite, then he can opt for this certification. Hootsuite is nothing but a management tool or a system of social media. The primary use of this certification is that it enables the users to track and manage social networking sites. This, in turn, will make the users leave replies for the comments that appeared on the channel dashboard on an immediate basis.

Facebook ads certification

It enables the users to know all kinds of tactics used in Facebook and Instagram marketing. It can also be described as a program that teaches knowledge about the products and services associated with Facebook advertising. In order to complete this certification, the users need to pass in two different assessments namely Facebook certified buying professional and facebook certified planning professional.

Content marketing certification

This helps the users in enhancing their business operations by knowing all sorts of content marketing strategies. It simply helps in the conversion of visitors into customers or leads.It covers the following essential aspects of content marketing:

  • Content planning
  • Content creation
  • Content analytics and
  • Content promotion and so on.

Display ads course

It enables the users to understand the fundamentals of display advertising. It educates the users about the technique of reaching the targeted customers by the use of display advertisements.

YouTube certification course

This helps the users in gaining complete knowledge about Youtube and its channels and platforms. The processes covered in this certification include creation, optimization, growth, and monetization of Youtube channels. The two major types in this certification include company certification and individual certification. Currently, the company certification type is being blocked and is not in use. Only individual certification is recommended for the users now. The total validity of this certification is around eighteen months.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Marketing Certification?

The value of a digital marketing Certification for professional development is immense. Whether you have experience in the field or just getting started, there is value in doing so. One of the most appealing aspects of obtaining a google digital marketing certification is that it is not necessary to have prior educational experience or upgrade courses to begin with.

Stay in touch with new developments.

Digital marketing certification course help you stay current with new developments in the industry as they occur. With ever-evolving technological innovations, continuous development will help you stay on top of these advances.


Having google certification for digital marketing that demonstrates to potential employers that you have the practical knowledge you need to be successful in your job is invaluable in this environment.

More Opportunities

Best digital marketing certification implies so many different skills. Adding one or two specialties to your niche can help you move quickly through a business. 

Demand a greater salary

Each certification you add to your resume adds to your ability to demand higher pay and gives you the confidence to know that you deserve it.

Stand out from the crowd

When everything else appears equal, the number of certifications you have compiled will differentiate you from your competition. Not only do you have the certifications and skills that come with them, but it demonstrates a momentum for self-improvement that speaks highly to your character.

Best Practices In Learning Digital Marketing

Make your digital marketing career better with the most recent certifications would improve learning while introducing the basic to advanced practicalities of digital marketing and social media. Getting hired by one may be the best way to become familiar with real operations. digital marketing certifications would undoubtedly give them a competitive advantage over others while increasing the chances of promotion to a more respectable designation.

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