Why Choose a Career in Digital Marketing? & How to enter in Digital Marketing Field?

You have started a business and you need to make them reach to the end customers. How can it be done? In a traditional way?

Well! that’s not a good idea though.

Because we live in an era of the internet. Anything and everything is via the internet. So, to build your brand awareness, digital marketing will engage your customer and make visible about your online presence.

Either you are a business person or a job seeker, digital marketing is a fast-paced growing domain which has a colorful and successful career for all aspiring candidates. Even you are a fresher, do not worry, seeking a digital marketing certification will land you up in a job in highly reputed organizations.

You know what? There is a number of demand for digital marketers outweighing the supply. So, it’s absolutely a great time for you to look into a career in the field of digital marketing.

Know what does a digital marketing professional do:

Digital Marketing is a trend where you build the brand awareness of a company via the internet. The rising trend of digital marketing has created more opportunities for digital marketing professionals. Digital marketing professionals possess the knowledge to harness the entire power of the internet for creating email campaigns, blogs, social media postings, web pages, etc.

These are done to target internet savvy customers. The digital marketing field encompasses many different niches. You may find a job in any of these niches which best suit your profile.

Positions a digital marketer can Acquire:

  • Online content marketer
  • Social media marketing
  • Business Analyst Specialist
  • Search Engine Optimization specialist
  • Web designer
  • Brand Management
  • Search Expert
  • Email Marketer
  • Professional Blogger
  • Mobile Marketing Specialist

Curious to know why digital marketing is becoming more significant?

I know as a job seeker, you are more curious to know why digital marketing is gaining popularity in business and why it’s on a spotlight among other marketing?

Digital marketing is varying at a meteoric rate and its making more difficult for any businesses to keep up with the most recent business standards. 

For each $1 spent on Google Ads, the business yields an average of $2 as revenue.More than 64% of users will click on the Google ad when they are thinking to buy an item online.Watching video content and Social media are the most popular online activities.Globally, digital ad spend is assumed to reach over $375 billion by 2021.More than 46% of customers act after viewing a video ad.

By having a look at the above insights, you can infer how indispensable digital marketing has become in business. So, the ultimate goal of digital marketing is increasing sales and the requirement of digital marketing professionals are growing exponentially.

Inevitable skills for a Digital Marketer:

To possess a rewarding career in digital marketing, it is very essential to master the following skills.

Inbound Marketing:

A Digital Marketing professional should possess inbound marketing skills to generate lead to the business.


To more towards the project objective, as a digital marketing professional you need to flexible enough to change and modify what is not working currently.

Multitasking Skills:

As a digital marketing professional, you are expected to manage and run several different campaigns at the same time.

Sales Knowledge:

One should possess hands-on knowledge of sales because digital marketing is everything to promote the sale of a business.

  • A Digital marketing expert should be capable to create engaging landing pages.
  • Should have a sound acquaintance in content writing platforms such as WordPress, etc.
  • A digital marketing professional should have familiarity with social media marketing strategies. To increase brand awareness, he should craft the post to make it viral among the users.
According to statists, 2.62 billion people used social media and this number is assumed to rise to an awestruck 3.02 billion users by 2021.
  • Knowing about the digital analysis tool is another important skill set a digital marketing employee should acquire.
  • The knowledge about HTML and how to write catchy phrases to grab the customers to their page is most important.
  •  Acquiring a strong understanding of search engine optimization is very critical to increasing the page rank of their site. The rank of the company decides the number of clicks it is going to get in the search engine.

From Backlinko, the average 1st-page result in a google search has a word count of 1890.

  •  For creating super powerful ads, digital marketing candidate must have a solid skill set in advertising platforms such as Google AdWords.
  • UX designs impact most of the customers in purchasing and decision making. A digital marketing professional should have a basic knowledge about UX design so that they can identify the problems in apps, websites and other tools which causes the customer to abandon the purchase.

Whether to choose Digital Marketing as your career?

Of course Yeah!

Digital marketing is a growing field wherein you can put forth all your knowledge and talents for the benefit of your company. The economy in the digital sector is growing drastically 10x times than the normal traditional sector. SO, it is undoubtful that there are and there will be a demand for educated digital marketing professionals to equate the demand and supply gap.

Start your career as a digital marketer :

Stumbled upon to know where on earth to start? Start from scratch or you have a few knowledge about digital marketing?

Its always better to narrow down your search area. Digital marketing as a whole is the ocean and find your own pearls which best suit your profile and interest. Below are some of the niches you can work on with.

Digital Marketer Payscale
Image Source: indeed.com
Email Marketing:

The intent of email marketing is to engage with the customers and to advertise your product. With this, you can reach your audience without any hassle and huge investments.

The average base pay is $60,000/year.


The copywriter’s create texts for the sake of advertising and other variants of marketing. The work of a copywriter is writing advertising and marketing copy, writing public relations copy, crafting for audiovisual and broadcast copy, etc.

The average pay is $71,131/year.

Content Writing:

A content writer produces an interesting, engaging content which is basically aimed to draw the potential readers to their website. The writers create blogs, articles, social media content, etc.

Average pay is $48,454/year.

Social media marketing:

This type of digital marketing professionals spread their brands through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. They primarily share videos, content, and imaging for marketing their products.

The Average pay is $49,395/year

Mobile Marketing:

Mobile marketers are liable for mobile marketing initiatives of the company’s brand. They also manage mobile SEO, mobile PPC, mobile display campaigns, etc. They ensure that they get maximum downloads for their mobile apps and they also perform A/B testing to confirm their conversion rate.

The Average pay is $58,328/year

Search engine Marketing:

They are responsible to develop marketing campaigns with keywords which will eventually drive traffic to their website.

The Average pay is $62,829/year

PPC Analyst:

Pay Per Click Analyst is responsible for creating and executing pay per click marketing for their clients. Having a strong understanding of the current industrial trends, keyword strategies, PPC accounts on social media, they make sure the client’s PPC campaign yields a huge victory.

Average pay is $43,037/year.

Where to start?

Now that you know about the magnitude and skillsets of a digital marketer. Start learning digital marketing through the internet or by completing online or offline courses. The internet is encompassed with digital marketing materials. You can read blogs, articles, ebooks, watch videos. Learning makes you understand where you actually stand and what is your area of interest in digital marketing.

Explore different tools and use those tools into the act in your own website or work as a freelancer to gain more insights regarding the same.

Now, consider earning a certificate to increase the credibility of your profile.

Courseinn Academy is one such institution which has industry level experts training the candidates. They have a hand full of trainers who can provide you with a practical and live session of all the topics.

Build your portfolio and get ready for job hunting:

After securing certification in digital marketing, make certain that your portfolio has all the acquired skill sets. Create a LinkedIn profile with all your marketing persona. As you know, a marketer sells the product and gain profit; the same way, ensure you sell yourself in all the job seeking platforms and gain a good career as a digital marketing professional.

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